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My travels

This page is dedicated to the various journeys I've been on over the years. Some of these journeys have their own webpages, and some even have their own websites. This only includes my longest trips. I have made many shorter journeys to various places over the years.

Interrail #1

When: May/June 1999
Location: Europe (France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic)
People I went with: Just myself

Interrail #2

When: August 1999
Location: Europe (Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, France)
People I went with: Just myself

The UK CSC Winter 2000 work-brigade to Cuba

When: December/January 2000/2001
Location: Cuba
People I went with: The Winter 2000 UK work-brigade to Cuba

Interrail #3

When: July/August 2002
Location: Europe (Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, France)
People I went with: Just myself

The Great American Interrail

When: Winter 2002
Location: North America (mostly USA, and a bit of Canada too)
People I went with: Just myself
Webpage: Coming soon...

The 2005 Trip

When: Summer 2005
Location: The Second world
People I went with: Patrick (for the most part)

Ukraine and Eastern Europe

When: April/May 2008
Location: Ukraine and Eastern Europe (Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany)
People I went with: Just myself (but met up with some others for part of the trip).
Webpage: Coming soon...

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