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Artificial insanity

Here is a collection of some AI (artificial insanity) related things I've worked on.

The Gamescomposer

The Gamescomposer (TGC) is an online thingy that produces a weird computer game idea by stringing together parts of sentences.

It started life back in 1989 as a program for the Atari ST known as the STOS Gamescomposer (or SGC). Later, it was converted into a UNIX rc shell script called the UNIX Gamescomposer (UGC), and eventually became the TGC and set loose on the Internet. All throughout it's development cycle, new sentence-parts have been added. Downloadable versions of this program can be found.

The Rewriter

The Rewriter (TRW) is a program that given an outline of a text, fills in the missing words. It can re-write texts by filling in certain points with a noun, verb, adjective, etc. from it's vocabulary in an appropriate blank place in the text. Sort of like an automated game of Madlibs.

Over the years, this has produced and inspired much computer-generated literature. Below are some examples

Downloadable versions of this program can be found.

I got the term 'Artificial Insanity' from a book called 'The Armchair Universe' by A. K. Dewdney.

To those of you who can see the background it is a stereogram, but I did not make it myself.

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